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Hoedspruit Shuttle Service

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    So, you're off to "Hat Creek"? (Afrikaans translation for Hoedspruit) - Whether for business or pleasure - Airport Shuttle Johannesburg will arrive early, eager to help with the luggage, then drive you smoothly and safely to Hoedspruit so you arrive fully relaxed and stress free... Is that what you're looking for?

    Hoedspruit is a small town situated at the foot of the Klein Drakensberg (Afrikaans for " Dragon Mountains"), in the Limpopo province of South Africa, on the railway line from Tzaneen to Kaapmuiden.

    (Hoedspruit is so small - in order to paint traffic lines, the road had to be widened.Should you require medical attention, look out for a sign saying... "Joe's Hospital and Grill" )

    Jokes aside (the town is actually not that small and the available medical facilities are of a very high standard) - whether your trip to Hoedspruit is for business or pleasure, you must be assured that your shuttle service is reliable while maintaining high standards of safe and responsible driving.

    Hoedspruit borders on the Kruger National Park and lies in the heart of the central Limpopo lowveld. It is conveniently situated to explore the many game lodges, game reserves and other attractions and activities in the vicinity.

    Our Hoedspruit shuttle service uses highly qualified drivers who always arrive early, and are possibly a little over enthusiastic about insuring you arrive in Hoedspruit on time, fully relaxed and stress free.

    With us you can be sure your upcoming trip will begin and end peacefully, free from stress and worries, leaving you with nothing but fond memories.

    Let our Hoedspruit shuttle service help to insure that your trip begins and finishes peacefully, free from stress and worries leaving you with nothing but fond memories.

    Use our Hoedspruit shuttle service, Door to Door private car service, transportation services and airport shuttle to all your outlying destinations.

    Looking for a Hoedspruit shuttle service?

    Airport Shuttle Johannesburg attracts people who value punctuality, good service, safe driving and common decency.

    Match your important travel plans with a transportation service you can rely on 100%.

    Do yourself the favour you deserve and begin a lifelong "service relationship" with Airport Shuttle Johannesburg by making your booking now.

    Once you are convinced of our unique service levels, kindly tell your friends and family too.

    Why Book Your Airport Shuttle Early?

    1. You will have peace of mind knowing that your important airport shuttle arrangements are booked.

    2. Leaving out this critically important part of your travel plans is like "spinning the dice" on the success of your upcoming trip.

    3. All airport shuttle services receive last minute calls from "short-notice" travelers looking for an immediate ride to the airport. Unfortunately, many of them have to be told - "No".

    Why set yourself up for dissapointment?

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    Summer: (Dec - Feb)
    Max 31 - Min 19c

    Autumn: (March - May)
    Max31 - Min 12c

    Winter: (June - Aug)
    Max 28 - Min 9c

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